Art Direction
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Jillian Bunting
Film Experience
Production Design / Art Direction:

Meospect Media
October 2013
"Call Me Oscar"
Production Designer
  • Designed three sets for micro budget TV sitcom pilot
  • Responsible for sourcing flats, build and set dressing and hiring crew

Boomerang Films Inc.
August 2013
"X Wins"
Production Designer
  • Designed a feature length indie film in rural Ontario
  • Responsibilities included sourcing all props, designing the set, and creating a false floor

Kids Town Productions
June 2013
"Kids Town" -
Art Director
  • Art Director episodes 6-9 for a kids TV show
  • Responsible for sourcing, dressing and prop building

"The Year I Did Acid"
April 2013
Art Director
  • Art Director for a period short film set in the 1970's
  • Responsible for overall look of production and sourcing props

Street Chameleon LLC - "Mid Life Gangster"
October 2009
Art Director for feature film
  • Designed a low budget gangster film
  • Responsible for design and sourcing all props including all weapons

Independent - "Darkening Sky"
August 2009
Production Designer for feature film
  • Designed a low budget indie sci-fi film
  • Sourced all props and set dressing for the entire film with a budget under $500

Props / Set Dec:

Whizbang Productions - "Good Witch 7"
September 2013
Prop Assistant
  • Worked as a Prop Assist on union MOW for Lifetime Network
  • Responsible for sourcing and building props, and on set continuity

August 2013
Set Builder
  • Installed floor and built flats for union TV series

July 2013
Set Dresser
  • Assisted in dressing sets for a medieval period TV series
  • Worked with leather and upholstery to dress a 16th century carriage

LifeTime Network - "12 Trees of Christmas"
June 2013
Set Dresser
  • Worked in the Art Department for a feature length film
  • Helped with set up, tear down and build for various sets

"Beauty And The Beast"
April 2013
Set Builder
  • Set builder for a union TV series
  • Built flats and columns for the principle set

Bullet Productions - "Bullet"
February 2013
Set Dresser
  • Dressed numerous locations and sets for feature film
  • In charge of continuity, adjusting the set to frame, tear down

MADD - "After Party"
October 2012
Art Department/Props for mini movie
  • Responsible for purchasing, set dressing and prop maintenance

Canadian Film Centre - "Rishi's World"
March 2012
Property Master for a short film
  • Fabricated, purchased and maintained props for an art heavy short film, including throw aways, rubber glass and ageing of hero props

Orofino LLC - "Heathens and Thieves"
October 2009 - November 2009
Property Master for feature film
  • Responsible for fabrication, purchase, continuity, maintenance and repair of all props for Period Western feature film

BigFoot Entertainment
December 2008 - March 2009
Property Master for production studio in the Philippines
  • Worked with a small local crew to design, source and build props for different productions within the studio

White Monkey Design
October 2007 - December 2007
Prop Builder for Vancouver Prop house
  • Built props for both union and non union film and TV series including Reaper, The L Word and The Watchmen movie
Related Experience:
Forever Interiors - Carpenter
September 2011 - February 2012
  • Building furniture and accessories out of hundred year old, reclaimed wood

Three Events
June 2011
Event Staff
  • Helped prep, set up and tear down for the Much Music Awards & National Ballet
  • Prep included fabrication, prop building and sourcing materials
Sheridan College
  • Computer Animation (Honours)

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Major in Integrated Media (film/design)
Skill Set
  • Good knowledge of wood and metal, sanding, machining, sculp
  • Mould Maker (silicone, plaster, various plastics)

Computer: Mac & PC
  • Maya/MudBox, After Effects, Premier, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, Adobe CS5, SoundForge, Cubase, FrameTheif, Sketchup

  • Nabet 700 and IATSE 873 / 828 permit for props, scenic, carpentry
  • BC Institute of Film Professionals Certificate
  • WHMIS Certificate (workplace safety)
  • Bilingual: French/English
  • Musician: drums, keys, lead/acoustic guitar
  • Fall Protection